Tata Carnatica Distance

Tata Carnatica Distance

Tata Carnatica Distance is a crucial factor for anyone considering this project, as it underscores the strategic location and excellent connectivity that Tata Carnatica offers. Situated in Devanahalli, North Bangalore, this mixed-use development by Tata Housing spans a vast 140 acres, comprising residential and commercial spaces. This guide will explore the distances to significant landmarks, transportation hubs, major roadways, tech parks, hotels, malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, sports facilities, and other essential amenities.

Overview of Tata Carnatica

Tata Carnatica is a groundbreaking project by Tata Housing, designed to cater to the modern urban lifestyle. This extensive development spreads across 140 acres, featuring a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces. Residential options include apartments, plots, row houses, and villaments, offering diverse choices to suit different preferences and needs. The residential area occupies 100 acres, while the commercial segment covers 40 acres. Tata Carnatica’s design emphasizes a balance between urban convenience and natural surroundings, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded living experience.


In real estate, “distance” refers to the physical proximity between a property and various points of interest or amenities that are significant to potential buyers. These points of interest can include proximity to Workplaces, Schools, Public Transportation, Shopping and Dining, Healthcare Facilities, Recreational Areas, Social and Cultural Amenities.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Transportation Hubs

The project’s strategic location ensures easy access to various transportation hubs, facilitating smooth commutes and travel. Key transportation hubs and their distances from Tata Carnatica include Devanahalli Railway Station at 8 km, Yelahanka Railway Station at 19 km, KR Puram Railway Station at 28 km, and Kempegowda International Airport at 12 km. Additionally, Kempegowda Bus Station is 32 km away, Goraguntepalya Metro Station is 28 km, and Yeshwanthpur Railway Station is 30 km from the project. Upcoming stations such as Chikkajala Metro Station at 5 km and Airport City Metro Station (ACMS) on the Bengaluru Namma Metro Blue Line at 7 km further enhance connectivity, making it convenient for residents to travel across Bangalore and beyond.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Major Roadways

Tata Carnatica enjoys excellent road connectivity, being close to several major roads and highways. These include Old Madras Road at 30 km, NH 44 at 4 km, SH 108 at 4 km, BK Halli Road at 2 km, Bagalur Main Road at 5 km, and NH 75 at 27 km. Additionally, Hebbal is 22 km and KR Puram is 28 km from the project. These major roadways provide seamless access to various parts of Bangalore, ensuring that residents can easily reach their destinations, thereby enhancing the convenience of living in Tata Carnatica.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Tech Parks

Proximity to tech parks and industrial areas is a significant advantage for professionals working in these sectors. Tata Carnatica is close to several key tech parks, including ITPL and ITPB at 25 km, Prestige Tech Cloud at 2.5 km, and Bengaluru Signature Business Park at 6 km. The KIADB Hardware Tech Park and IFCI Financial City are both 8 km away, while KIADB Aerospace Tech Park is 9 km from the project. Other notable tech parks include L&T Tech Park at 18 km, Manyata Tech Park at 21 km, Karle Town SEZ at 23 km, BCIT (Bhartiya Centre of Information Technology) at 24 km, Brigade Magnum at 26 km, Devanahalli Business Park at 7 km, and Purva Aerocity at 8 km. These proximities make Tata Carnatica an attractive option for IT professionals and business executives.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Hotels & Malls

The project is also conveniently located near various hotels and malls, enhancing the lifestyle options for residents. Prominent hotels and malls nearby include the upcoming Prestige 13 Degree North Mall and J W Marriott, both at 2 km. The Taj Airport Hotel is 7 km away, while Phoenix Mall of Asia and RMZ Galleria Mall are both 17 km from Tata Carnatica. Byg Brewski is 18 km, Elements Mall is 22 km, and Esteem Mall is 20 km away. These facilities provide ample shopping, dining, and entertainment options, contributing to a vibrant lifestyle for the residents of Tata Carnatica.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Hospitals

Access to quality healthcare is crucial, and Tata Carnatica is well-positioned near several prominent hospitals. These include Relive Hospital in Bagalur at 11 km, Manipal Hospital at 19 km, Aster CMI Hospital at 21 km, and Baptist Hospital, also at 21 km. Additionally, Cloudnine Hospital is 23 km from the project. These healthcare facilities ensure that residents have quick access to medical care when needed, providing peace of mind for families and individuals living in Tata Carnatica.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Educational Institutions

For families, proximity to educational institutions is a significant consideration. Tata Carnatica is close to several esteemed schools and colleges, such as NAFL-NPS North and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, both at 9 km. Stone Hill International School, Sadhu Vaswani International School, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, and Reva University are all 10 km away. Further, Canadian International School is 14 km, and Delhi Public School Bangalore North and Ryan International School are both 15 km from the project. These institutions offer quality education from primary to higher education levels, making Tata Carnatica an ideal location for families with school-going children.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Sports Facilities

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to several sports facilities around Devanahalli. Notable facilities include the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence at 10 km, XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena at 12 km, and Decathlon Anubhava at 6 km. These sports centers provide opportunities for various sports and recreational activities, catering to the needs of both amateur and professional athletes. The availability of such facilities nearby encourages an active and healthy lifestyle for the residents of Tata Carnatica.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Prominent Places

Tata Carnatica is also close to several notable places surrounding Devanahalli, enhancing its appeal. The Devanahalli Toll is 5 km away, Nandi Hills is 20 km, Chikkaballapur is 25 km, and Dodaballapur is 26 km from the project. These nearby places offer additional leisure and recreational opportunities, making weekends and holidays enjoyable for residents. The proximity to such prominent places adds to the overall appeal of Tata Carnatica as a prime residential location.

Tata Carnatica Distance to Crucial Landmarks

The project’s location provides easy access to several crucial landmarks and areas in Bangalore. Sarjapur Road is 40 km away, Electronic City is 50 km, Hebbal is 22 km, and Bagalur is 5 km from Tata Carnatica. Malleshwaram is 30 km, Indiranagar is 35 km, and MG Road is 34 km away. Tumkur Road (NH 48) is 30 km, Old Madras Road (NH 75) is 27 km, and Hosur Road (NH 44) is 40 km. Additionally, Bannerghatta Road (SH 87) is 45 km, Kanakapura Road (NH 948) is 50 km, Mysuru Road (NH 275) is 40 km, and Magadi Road (SH 85) is 35 km from the project. These distances emphasize Tata Carnatica’s central location, providing residents with easy access to major parts of the city.

Importance of Distance

Distance in real estate is crucial as it directly impacts convenience and lifestyle. Living close to workplaces, schools, and amenities enhances daily convenience, allowing residents to save time on commuting and errands. Shorter commutes also reduce transportation costs, which can be a significant part of a household’s budget, making properties such as Tata Carnatica in well-located areas of Devanahalli more attractive. The proximity to desirable amenities often leads to higher property values due to increased demand, enhancing the investment potential of the Tata Carnatica project. Moreover, homes in favorable locations generally have better resale potential, as future buyers will also prioritize these advantages. Proximity to essential services like police stations or low-crime areas can also contribute to a sense of safety and security. Finally, being near social and cultural hubs can facilitate community engagement and social interactions, further enriching the living experience.

Buyers assess distance based on individual circumstances, such as family size, work location, and lifestyle needs. For instance, those seeking a better work-life balance prioritize shorter commutes, making properties such as Tata Carnatica near workplaces more appealing. Families with children often focus on the proximity to quality schools and educational institutions to ensure their children’s educational needs are met. Additionally, buyers conduct a cost-benefit analysis, weighing the advantages of proximity against the typically higher property prices in desirable locations. The potential for property appreciation due to location also influences decisions, as buyers consider future investment returns. Accessibility to public transportation is another critical factor, especially for those relying on it for daily commuting. Health and wellness goals further shape preferences, with proximity to parks, gyms, and healthcare facilities being important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Tata Carnatica Distance highlights the strategic location and exceptional connectivity of this ambitious project. With easy access to transportation hubs, major roadways, tech parks, hotels, malls, educational institutions, hospitals, sports facilities, and crucial landmarks, Tata Carnatica offers a well-rounded living experience. This connectivity ensures that residents can enjoy the benefits of urban living while being close to essential services and amenities. Considering Tata Carnatica for your next home is a wise choice, given its prime location and comprehensive range of facilities.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

NAFL-NPS North and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya are both 9 km from Tata Carnatica, offering quality education nearby.

Relive Hospital is 11 km away, while Manipal Hospital is 19 km from Tata Carnatica, providing excellent healthcare access.

Tata Carnatica is close to several tech parks, including Prestige Tech Cloud at 2.5 km and Bengaluru Signature Business Park at 6 km.

Prestige 13 Degree North Mall and J W Marriott, both upcoming, are just 2 km away from Tata Carnatica.

Tata Carnatica is 12 km away from Kempegowda International Airport, ensuring easy access for frequent travelers.