Tata Carnatica Price List

Tata Carnatica Price List is a crucial aspect for potential homebuyers and investors considering this grand integrated mixed development project by Tata Housing. Nestled in the serene locales of BK Halli Road, Shettigere Road, Devanahalli, North Bangalore, Tata Carnatica spans a sprawling 140 acres. The project masterfully blends residential and commercial spaces, offering an urban sanctuary with a touch of nature. It comprises 100 acres dedicated to residential development featuring apartments, plots, row houses, and villaments, while the remaining 40 acres cater to commercial ventures.

Tata Carnatica Price List with break up

Understanding the Tata Carnatica Price List is vital for anyone looking to invest in this mega city project. The price list provides comprehensive details about the different sizes and types of residences available, including 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments, row houses, villaments, and variously sized plots. This information helps buyers make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget constraints.

Tata Carnatica is not just about living spaces; it’s about experiencing a lifestyle inspired by the harmony and rhythm of Carnatic music, reflected in the project’s name. Tata Swaram, the 11.2-acre plotted development phase, and Tata Raagam, another plotted development phase, exemplify this musical inspiration through their design and layout.

When it comes to pricing, Tata Carnatica stands out for its competitive and reasonable rates. The prices for these exquisite living spaces start from INR 90 Lakhs onwards, making it an attractive proposition for a wide range of buyers. The Tata Carnatica Price List is designed to be transparent and straightforward, offering clarity on the cost of each type of property within the project. This transparency is crucial for establishing trust and ensuring that buyers feel confident in their investment decisions.

The pricing here is structured on a per square feet basis. This method provides a standardized way to calculate the cost of a property based on its size. This structure is straightforward and helps buyers easily estimate the total cost based on the unit’s area. There are different price tiers here based on several factors, including floor level, location within the project and the view.

Moreover, Tata Carnatica provides flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden on buyers. Payments are structured into manageable schedules, with each phase clearly outlined in the payment plan. This thoughtful approach ensures that buyers can plan their finances effectively and invest in their dream home without undue stress.

The Tata Carnatica Price List also highlights the value for money that the project offers. Each property, whether an apartment, row house, or villament, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring top-notch quality and luxurious living standards. The competitive pricing, combined with the premium features and amenities offered by Tata Carnatica, makes it a standout choice in the North Bangalore real estate market.

Furthermore, Tata Housing has implemented a fair pricing system by conducting thorough analyses of detailed price trends. This strategic pricing approach ensures that the properties remain competitively priced while reflecting the true value of the investment. As a result, buyers can be assured of getting a fair deal that aligns with market conditions and the high standards set by Tata Housing.

In addition to residential spaces, the commercial aspect of Tata Carnatica enhances its appeal. The 40 acres allocated for commercial development promise to bring a vibrant mix of businesses, shops, and services, creating a self-sustaining community where residents can enjoy unparalleled convenience.

The strategic location of Tata Carnatica also adds to its desirability. Devanahalli, North Bangalore, is rapidly emerging as a prime real estate destination, offering excellent connectivity to key areas in Bangalore and beyond. The proximity to major infrastructure projects, tech parks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities further boosts the project’s attractiveness.

Price List

A “Price List” in real estate is a comprehensive document or chart that outlines the cost details for various types of properties within a particular development project. This list typically includes information on the prices of different unit configurations, such as apartments, plots, row houses, and villaments, providing prospective buyers with a clear understanding of the investment required. The price list is an essential tool for buyers, real estate agents, and investors as it helps them make informed decisions about purchasing property in a specific project.

Tata Carnatica Apartments Price List

The Tata Carnatica Price List offers a range of pricing options for their luxurious apartments. For a 3 BHK apartment of 1500 square feet, prices start at INR 1,42,50,000. A slightly larger 3 BHK apartment of 1800 square feet begins at INR 1,71,00,000. For those seeking even more space, the 3 BHK apartment of 2000 square feet is available starting from INR 1,90,00,000. Additionally, the 4 BHK apartments, spanning 2400 square feet, start at INR 2,28,00,000. It is important to note that these prices do not include Preference Location Charges (PLC), Floor Rise Charges (FRC), or Registration and Stamp Duty charges. Despite these additional costs, the pricing of Tata Carnatica apartments remains competitive compared to other projects in the area. The cost of each flat varies based on its size and specific location within the tower, ensuring a range of options for potential buyers.

Tata Carnatica Row houses Price List

The Tata Carnatica Price List for row houses starts from INR 3,23,00,000 for a spacious 3400 square feet unit. It’s important to note that these prices exclude GST, Advance Maintenance Charges, Sinking Funds, and Registration and Stamp Duty charges. Despite these additional costs, the pricing of Tata Carnatica row houses is highly competitive compared to other projects in the area, offering a reasonable investment for potential buyers seeking premium living spaces.

Tata Carnatica Villaments Price List

The Tata Carnatica Price List for villaments features a starting price of INR 2,18,50,000 for a spacious 2300 square feet unit. These prices are exclusive of GST, Advance Maintenance Charges, Sinking Funds, and Registration and Stamp Duty charges. Nevertheless, the pricing for Tata Carnatica villaments remains competitive and reasonable when compared to other projects in the area, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in premium residential spaces.

Tata Carnatica Plots Price List

The Tata Carnatica Price List for plots offers various options to cater to different needs and budgets. A 30×40 plot, measuring 1200 square feet, starts at INR 90,00,000. For those seeking a larger space, the 30×50 plot of 1500 square feet begins at INR 1,12,00,000. An even more spacious 30×60 plot, covering 1800 square feet, is available starting from INR 1,35,00,000. The largest option, a 40×60 plot of 2400 square feet, starts at INR 1,80,00,000. These competitive prices make Tata Carnatica plots an attractive investment for potential buyers.

The Importance of Tata Carnatica Price List

           The Tata Carnatica price list serves several critical functions, such as:

  • Transparency: It ensures transparency in pricing, helping buyers understand exactly what they are paying for each unit. This transparency builds trust between the developer and the buyer.
  • Budget Planning: Buyers can plan their finances better by knowing the exact cost of this property, including any additional charges such as registration fees, maintenance costs, and other legal expenses.
  • Comparison: It allows buyers to compare the pricing of different units within this project or across different projects, aiding them in selecting the best option that fits their budget and preferences.
  • Investment Decisions: Investors can use this price list to assess the potential return on investment and make strategic decisions based on the pricing trends and appreciation potential.

Price Appreciation Potential

           The price appreciation potential of Tata Carnatica is a critical factor for both buyers and investors. In areas like Devanahalli, North Bangalore,              several factors contribute to this potential:

  • Historical Price Trends: Over the past few years, Devanahalli has seen steady price appreciation due to its strategic location and infrastructural developments. Historically, property prices in this region have shown an upward trend, making it a lucrative investment destination.
  • Upcoming Infrastructure Projects: Devanahalli is poised for significant growth with several upcoming infrastructure projects. The expansion of the Kempegowda International Airport, the proposed Aerospace SEZ, and the development of the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) are expected to boost the area’s real estate value.
  • Connectivity: Improved connectivity through the Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway and the upcoming suburban railway project further enhances Devanahalli’s attractiveness as a residential hub. These developments are likely to increase demand and, consequently, property prices in the area.


Understanding this price list is crucial for making informed buying and investment decisions. It offers transparency, aids in budget planning, and provides a basis for comparison. In a rapidly developing area like Devanahalli, North Bangalore, this price list reflects not only current costs but also the future potential for appreciation driven by ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects. Buyers and investors who consider these factors are better positioned to make smart, strategic investments that promise substantial returns.

In conclusion, the Tata Carnatica Price List is more than just a guide to property prices; it is a reflection of the project’s commitment to offering a harmonious blend of luxury, affordability, and convenience. Whether you are looking for a spacious apartment, a serene plot, a stylish row house, or an elegant villament, Tata Carnatica has something to suit your needs. With its competitive pricing, flexible payment plans, and strategic location, Tata Carnatica stands as a beacon of smart investment and modern living in North Bangalore.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

The starting price for a 3 BHK apartment in Tata Carnatica is INR 1,42,50,000 for a 1500 square feet unit.

The price for plots in Tata Carnatica ranges from INR 90,00,000 for a 1200 square feet plot to INR 1,80,00,000 for a 2400 square feet plot.

The Tata Carnatica Price List ensures transparency, aids in budget planning, and helps buyers compare different units to make informed investment decisions.